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Pixel Grading

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* Notes and explanations of terms

Country code

Choose between

- NTSC US/CAN (for games from USA or Canada)

- PAL (e.g. for games with FSK, USK, PEGI logo)


see rating system (here you will find all necessary information)


Your console / game can be assigned based on the name.

Please use the official title so that processing can take place smoothly - this is checked upon receipt of the goods and compared with the order.

If extreme deviations are found, we will inform you and coordinate the further procedure with you.

Value of goods

Enter the actual purchase price of the item here. For older items without receipt, the current market value should be entered. This can be determined on the usual platforms (online auction house). For items without receipts, the value entered is only used as a guide. The value of the goods is used to determine the insurance value. This value is reported to the insurance company in the event of damage (e.g. water, fire or elemental damage).
Please note that in the event of damage, we reserve the right to carry out a detailed examination and request the relevant documents (invoices). If documentation is not possible, we will determine the actual insured value.


The maximum processing time is currently:

8-Bit: 6 months


16-Bit: 4 months


32-Bit: 2 months


Authentication: 14 days

Depending on the order volume, the processing time can also be shorter.


The additional service "Light Cleaning" and "Heavy Cleaning" is a cleaning service. The Light level is intended for removing simple contaminants such as dust and easily removable dirt. If you wash the Heavy level, we will remove stubborn dirt, glue residue and/or price stickers.