General Questions

How can I contact Pixel Grading?

You can contact us at any time E-mailor about a Support-Ticketreach. You will also receive prompt feedback via social media such as Instagram or Discord.

Can I hand in/pick up my games personally?

You are welcome to hand in or pick up your games personally. For security reasons, however, the location of the office space should remain secret, so delivery/collection is only possible at the private collection point.

Can I submit games that have already been rated by other companies?

Yes, we will get your game out of the appropriate case at no extra charge. In this case, we strongly recommend booking the "Light Cleaning" in addition to being able to evaluate your game in the best possible condition. It is imperative to note that we still subject the games to authentication. Therefore, in rare cases, your game may be rejected by another company even though it has already been evaluated.

In this case we are not responsible for the damage caused by the opened case!

If we notice before opening the case that the game is rejected by us, we will not open the case and inform you about it.

Can I have an Ebay purchase sent directly to you for review or grading?

Yes, that is possible. Please book the service with us parallel to your purchase and enter the information in the comment field that it is an eBay purchase. Additional information about the seller, such as the name, can also be stored if available. The more information, the faster we can assign your shipment.

Is there a telephone hotline?

No, there is currently no telephone hotline. Please send all your questions to us via e-mail or via a support ticket.

Order / Payment / Shipping

Why can't I make a booking because the item is shown as sold out?

Our inventory of cases is linked to the ordering system. Once we run out of cases to service further orders, the item will be blocked until we receive new cases. With this measure we want to prevent that we cannot meet our specified times.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay by PayPal or in advance. If you pay in advance, we will only process your order once the payment has been credited to our account!

Do I have to pay immediately when booking or can I pay later?

Your order must be paid for immediately. If you pay in advance, we will only process your order once the amount to be paid has been credited to our account!

Do I get a delivery/shipping confirmation?

Yes, as soon as your games have been received and checked by us, you will automatically receive a delivery confirmation. You will also receive a message as soon as the order is ready for dispatch.

My order is already over the specified time, what can I do?

As soon as your order is over the specified processing time, you are welcome to contact us and inquire about the status. We are very careful to adhere to the specified times.

Please refrain from inquiries about the order status within the specified processing time!

When does the processing time start?

The processing time begins with the receipt of your confirmation of receipt.

I made a mistake in my order, what can I do?

Please contact us so that we can adjust or cancel your order accordingly.

I forgot the order put the order number in the package, what do I have to do?

No problem, by comparing the sender address and the content we will be able to assign your submission. However, please expect a longer processing time. If the sender is different, please contact us to avoid delays!

Are the rated games shipped in a poly bag (protective sleeve)?

Yes, all rated items will be packed in a poly bag.


What if my game/console turns out to be re-sealed/repro?

Depending on the reason, we will generally check whether a rating under another category is possible and offer you this option as an alternative. If an evaluation is not possible in any of the categories we offer, or if the alternative condition category we offer is not an option for you, we will only charge you for the costs of authentication. The difference in the amount already paid will be refunded to your original payment method as soon as possible. Please note that rejected games will be returned with games that make it through the grading process. If you would like to get your games back directly, please contact us!

Do you also grade homebrew/unofficial games?

No, the only exceptions are the games from the licensed companies "Limited Run" and "iam8bit".

The inlay that holds the module is missing from my CIB game. What should I do?

If inlays are missing, we will provide them free of charge. We also provide a missing styrofoam block for NES games.

What happens if the function test for my CIB game is negative?

If your game stops working, it will be rejected. The costs for authentication still apply. The remaining amount will be refunded to the original payment method.

How do you define the release year?

The year of publication is the year in which the game was released.
Variants that appeared later, such as Player's Choice or Greatest Hits, are marked with the year of publication of the respective variant.


Do your cases offer UV protection?

Our cases offer you the highest possible UV protection of 99.7%

Can the air circulate in your case?

Yes, the case has a slit on the back so that air can circulate and mold is prevented.

Grading Scale

How is the Overall Grade composed?


In the case of sealed objects, the overall rating consists of the sub-rating box (50%) and welding (50%). If a game is only sealed with a sticker, the condition rating of the seal is included in the partial rating box. In this case, the partial rating for the seal is given with an "A" for authentic.


Since these items are not sealed, the overall rating is equal to the rating for the box. In this category, no partial ratings are applied to the label.


The overall rating consists of the sub-ratings box (50%), module/CD (30%) and instructions (20%).

Why is there no gold, silver and bronze?

As collectors for many years, we have found that this subdivision artificially increases or decreases the actual rating. It is not uncommon for a condition with the addition "gold" to be priced significantly higher than a condition with the addition "silver". However, the condition between an 85+ and an 85 is the same as between an 85 and an 80+.

Is Uncirculated available?

Games that come from a sealed master box will be marked accordingly in our database. There is no corresponding indication on the label.


Does cleaning the games automatically lead to a better rating?

Depending on the extent of the contamination and the options for removing it, cleaning can have a positive effect on the rating. For larger soiling and/or price stickers, we recommend "heavy cleaning".

Why can't I book a cleaning?

Please note that a cleaning can only be booked in connection with a grading.


What is authentication for?

There are now a great many well-made reproductions and shrink-wrapped games in circulation. Do you simply want to be sure whether the game you recently bought is an original or still sealed in the original? Then authentication is for you.

How long does authentication take?

Authentication takes a maximum of 14 days, but in most cases the return will be made earlier.

In what form do I receive the result of the authentication?

You will receive an email containing the results of your authentication.

If a game is classified by us as not authentic, this e-mail contains a brief explanation.

Can I have a game rated as authentic graded directly?

Yes, but in this case you must contact us immediately after receiving your results.

The easiest way is to book a grading directly.

If it turns out that your game is not authentic, you will only be charged for the authentication costs.

The difference already paid will be refunded to your original payment method.

Insurance / Liability

Are my games insured?

Shipping your games to us is your responsibility. Please always send with tracking and sufficiently high insurance. As soon as we have received your games and the confirmation of receipt has been sent, your games are insured for the entire processing period. When your games are returned, liability is transferred to the transport service provider.

> The return shipment is generally insured for €500.

What happens if my game is damaged or lost with you?

In the event of damage to your game, which can be proven to have been caused by us, we will offer you partial compensation based on the value of the goods you have specified, which relates to the extent of the damage. In the event of a total loss of your game, you will receive full compensation for the value of the goods.

Attention! The stated value of the goods must be confirmed by you with receipts upon request. If there are no receipts, the value is only used as a guide and will be determined by us.

What happens if you damage the game by removing a price sticker?

The removal of price stickers, labels, gross contamination involves a certain risk. The adhesive from a price sticker can tear the surface of the box. The area under a decal may vary in color after removal. The film can also tear when a sticker is removed. It also happens that damage is deliberately attempted to be concealed by attaching stickers. This damage only becomes apparent after the sticker has been removed. Such cases are NOT insured and will NOT be compensated by us. We have been able to successfully remove a number of stickers over many years and will do our best to avoid damage. If a sticker cannot be removed without damaging the box or foil, we will contact you and clarify it with you.


What do I do if the case or the label shows defects?

Defects such as cracks in the case can only be claimed immediately (within 5 days) after receipt of the goods! We therefore ask you to check your games immediately after receipt.

Errors in the label (label error) can be subsequently complained about at any time.

As soon as you have found a defect, write to us immediately by e-mail. Complaints have the highest priority for us!

Please note that the case is made entirely by hand. For example, the adhesive can look different on each case. The acrylic glass can also have different optical characteristics at the edges. These deviations are unavoidable and do not represent a defect!