Another important part of the grading is the housing, which seals the evaluated objects and the recorded condition is preserved. Our acrylic housings are made in Germany by an ISO-certified manufacturer and are made of high-quality branded acrylic glass.

  • Display

    Your games will come into their own in this case. Thanks to the crystal-clear material, neither the colors nor important details are lost. On a smooth surface, the case has good ground bearing and stands stably. The dimensions are adapted to the respective format, so that the object is optically in the foreground. Due to the individual dimensions, the housing is particularly space-saving.

  • Protection

    The material is characterized by its impact resistance and offers very good protection for your games from hits and falls. Furthermore, the housing offers protection against dust and dirt. Sunlight is also not a problem, because our cases all offer the highest possible UV protection for your games and consoles.

  • Handwork

    There is a lot of manual work in every case, because all elements are bent, glued together, milled and polished by hand. In order to ensure that quality is as consistently high as possible, we have worked out secure processes together with our suppliers.


Another important component, in addition to the acrylic case, is the label. Our label is made of high-quality material and is equipped with various security features such as a self-developed security hologram. On the label you will find all the important information about the evaluated object such as the title, the year of publication, the region and the publisher. The label also contains the partial ratings for the individual components and the resulting overall rating. You can also read the condition of the object on the label. With an individual serial number assigned to the evaluated object, which you can also find on the label, you can call up further information about the evaluated object online.