In order to ensure a clean overall condition of an object, it makes sense to clean your games before grading. In some cases, cleaning can also have a positive effect on the rating. We offer you two types of cleaning.

The "Light Cleaning" is designed to remove simple contaminants such as fingerprints, dust and easily removable dirt. The "Heavy Cleaning" is intended for stubborn dirt, adhesive residue and removing price stickers.

Please keep in mind that not every sticker can be removed without leaving any residue. During removal, tears can also appear in the foil or the box can be torn away piece by piece.

In some cases, stickers are also used to prevent damage
to laminate on the foil/OVP. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for
assume damage that occurs during cleaning or that is already under the
removing stickers were present. As collectors, we already have a lot
experience gained. However, we reserve the right to refuse cleanings if we
see a potential danger of damage occurring during cleaning
could. In this case you will of course be contacted by us.


Please note that we only offer the cleaning service in connection with
offer a grading!